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Sourceflow Sales helps agents and sales teams sell more and close faster.

Personal Engagement Sites

Extending your company’s brand, Personalized Engagement Sites work to combine an offline and online experience allowing a sales agent to provide a personalized quote tailored specifically for each prospect to quickly close the sale.

5 Great Reasons to Use Personal Engagement Sites

  • Personalized – Tailored recommendations are presented to prospects. Agent sites include photo, personalized intro, and contact information to humanize the experience and help build a relationship.
  • Increase In Closed Sales – By simplifying and streamlining the sales process our Personal Engagement Sites increase close rates and first-touch sales by 25%.
  • Decrease Collateral – Give your customers 1 place of
    reference for all their purchasing decisions and save money on wasted collateral by 20%.
  • Realtime Information – Prospects receive their buying sites
    immediately. No need to wait for the mail or click through multiple PDF emails. And if they want detailed brochures they can download or print them directly from the site. Once ready to apply – one click away.
  • Detailed Reporting – Get real-time visibility into agent
    activity, sales effectiveness, and customer pipeline, as well as ability to track leads from source of origin through purchase for campaign and agent attribution.
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LeadFlow is a solution to the many problems associated with managing high volume lead traffic and lead acquisition from multiple lead sources.


LeadFlow provides a solution to these issues and offers additional value unavailable in any other solution, allowing for ease of integration with downstream systems to complete the lead to sales process. LeadFlow handles tasks such as data formatting, cleaning and standardization, and provides real-time visibility to identify bad leads, immediately troubleshoot, and change routing rules.

5 Great Reasons to Use LeadFlow

  • Hot Leads Stay Hot – LeadFlow quickly processes and routes leads to your choice of systems. You can adjust routing rules real-time to balance load on your resources and ensure the fastest possible response to each lead quickly.
  • Instant Visibility – You and your vendors are immediately alerted to any errors or bad leads and can login to trouble shoot real-time. No waiting to find out if something went wrong.
  • Enhanced Data Services-LeadFlow cleans and enriches the account and contact data you have with data validation, de-duping and archiving of leads for reporting and compliance.
  • Cloud Infrastructure– Experience the most secure, reliable, and trusted enter- prise cloud data platform. Focus on your leads, not infrastructure maintenance.
  • Quick Integration– From simple CSV FTP to API’s and CRM connectors our service allows for simplified lead vendor integration to get leads to you faster.
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